Old Men Finsh Dead Last

Yggdrasil is done… well… in that he’s physically ASSEMBLED. I’ve yet to plug him in and find out if he’ll boot or if I just made a bearded Prinny. (I DARE someone to hack the startup prompts to add in Prinnyspeak. “OS not found, dood!” “Abort, retry, fail, dood?” “Press any key to boot from CD/DVD, dood!”) I hope I didn’t botch the case wiring, though I actually don’t do it that often but it still freaks me out. x_x Also ow my thumbs.

I could boot him now but if it turns out I did it right, I’ll be up all night patching him. Which is… no. Already dozing off here, Iggy can wait until tomorrow morning.

Here’s a cute touch for Windows 7: taskbar buttons have their own auras. For instance, Firefox is orange, Semagic is purple, Slingbox is red, etc.
I’m not sure what exactly determines the aura colors. Aeth thinks it’s the dominant coloration in the icon.
That said, whoever designed 7’s login screens needs a boot to the face. People hated on XP’s taskbar looking like Fischer-Price? Dude, 7’s login screens are WAY WORSE. I liked the ones from Vista much better. T____T

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