And Old Men Go Last

They sent me an email telling me my capture of the Skeith fight in .hack//INFECTION is apparently popular enough to qualify to apply for revenue sharing (read: lol ads). Yeah right, like I would stick ads on THOSE… :P I like coins but I’d rather get them by doing Gourmet Ramen.

(which I am always available for, no matter how big my queue is. Gourmet Ramen commissions ALWAYS trump everything, you go to the front of the line! $20 gets you a bowl of tasty Yoshi arts… but if you really want to chow, there’s always the 3-for-$50 deal! Okay, I’m done shilling now >_>;;;)

Anywho, Windows 7 deployment’s chugging along here. So far, Blastoise and Dinah have made the jump on my end and are more or less done as far as getting their programs and drivers back up. Mother slapped Pro on Onyx earlier… oddly enough, Onyx could not go 64-bit (even though I was pretty sure that everyone I’d built after Blastoise had 64-bit-capable motherboards). Oh well. I had gone downstairs for food and ended up napping on the couch while I was on standby during Onyx’s jump, ahahahaha.

I’ma start unpacking Yggdrasil’s parts during commercials on Countdown. Speaking of which… *activate Slingbox!*

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