Parts and Labor VIII

Finally, my copies of Windows 7 get here. ABOUT DAMN TIME.

Tiger (Evil Stepfather’s laptop) will not be making the jump since he gets so little use, so Dinah will be taking the extra copy.

Blastoise is going first as soon as he finishes copying stuff over to his secondary drive and a couple more installers onto my New Machine Cocktail Bullet Bill. I do not foresee any issues here. If anything, the most time-consuming part will be reinstalling WoW and CoH. XD Blastoise will be munching on 7 Pro.

Yggdrasil gets built as soon as I confirm that Blastoise won’t explode (…this makes him look like a Prinny)– DAMMIT MSNBC STOP SHOWING FOOTAGE OF TOM DELAY DANCING T__________T– or other such garbage. I’ve heard mixed reports of doing a clean install on a virgin drive using upgrade media. Worst case, I could just toss Dinah’s copy of Vista Ultimate on him and install 7 over that, and Microsoft can do the STFU dance. Yggdrasil will be eating 7 Home Premium. Depending on how he turns out, he may jump to Pro in January, but Home Premium should do for now.

Dinah will make the jump last. Among the six machines jumping today, she is the only one who will not be going 64-bit– her mobo says she can, but she lacks the RAM to really benefit from it (and she’s at her hard limit of 2GB, and can’t even use all of it because she has to share part of it with the ATI chip). It just seems less stressful for her to stay at 32-bit. Put another way, it lets her remain a nimble ninja laptop. :P Dinah will also be eating 7 Home Premium.


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