Parts and Labor VII

My Windows 7 boxes are in San Bernardino, gasp. Maybe I can build my Robo-Fusoya today? :D?? (Also if you’re building a new machine but are using the Upgrade media like… oh, 90% 0f us who aren’t on MSDN or whatever the hell that thing is called, you might want to read this if you’re having activation issues.)

Since Yggdrasil is taking over as the LAN’s media server… I’ve considered giving him Blastoise’s Gigabit line and sticking Blastoise on wireless. (Yggdrasil will also be inheriting the TeamSpeak server since he’ll be always-on) At LEAST until I can find some way to add more Gigabit slots to my LAN. Supposedly I could just get any old Gigabit switch and piggyback that onto my router and it’d work? The other upside to adding more slots would be that I could stick my Slingbox and PS3 on it, too…

Really looking forward to tinkering with Windows Media Center, though– ‘sup, Netflix support (especially now that ALL of the Law and Order SVU season boxes got added to instant viewing, AWESOME) and CBS’s library via Internet TV streaming (wonder if this includes Craig Ferguson? Don’t see why it wouldn’t). This on top of Hulu/, MSNBC, YouTube XL… oh, and my ridiculous stash of torrents, all on a badass HDTV. Bwahahahaha. I was gonna just stick Blastoise’s secondary drive inside Yggdrasil but I’ll just do a straight copy; redundancy is always a good thing when it comes to this stuff.

I still need to cook up a wallpaper to put on the old man box, though. Considered styling it somewhat after the output from Samus’ visor in Metroid Prime. Bonus points if it turns out Stardock’s DreamScapes works on Windows 7, then I could REALLY pull something awesome along these lines… >:D

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