Parts and Labor VI

Wow, when things go wrong, things go REALLY wrong.

See: Best Buy in this case. They just now shipped my Windows 7 loot (with a bump to expedited shipping which I’m assuming is USPS Express On Crack). I’m a little miffed because I wanted to have Yggdrasil built and running yesterday as I’d plotted… but borrowing Joe “YOU LIE!” Wilson to make the above macro, and also watching the epic nerdrage fallout on the Best Buy forums is HIGHLY amusing and makes up for the annoyance. This is, like, epic ball-dropping, people! XD

In other news, I’ve still Pundit Games Ep. 5 and Haruko’s FE Bromide in the Ramen queue… I know for sure November’s going to involve doing the base stills for the AP podcast and while I would ordinarily begin doing Snowschemes as well (because I hate Thanksgiving), I could, uh… probably stand to pad the Magic Coin Block a little bit via Gourmet Ramen so I can better spoil reward my Across minions for their continued loyalty in December. >_>;;;

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