Parts and Labor V

…Oh Best Buy, you know how to bring the lulz. XD

Poking around on their forums and things has revealed that while some preorders have shipped, others have not and won’t until tomorrow or even AFTER. This is especially bad for their off-the-shelf systems which they advertised as getting free overnight shipping so they’d arrive tomorrow (the release of Win7). Either someone in Preorders goofed royally, or they got waaaaay more preorders than were expected, or, most likely, both. XD

I’m watching for the email telling me that my order’s shipped but as it’s so late in the day it’s becoming more and more doubtful that I’ll have ’em by tomorrow. Ah well. I may just assemble Iggy anyway and do a test boot (even if the furthest I’d be able to get is the CMOS config).

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