Prinny Governators… dood

We continue running with the crazy notion of the yet-to-be-named Ayarane Project podcast by introducinng the characters. Surely many of you are already familiar with Action Cat (whose AP podcast incarnation will be based on the Action Cat that appears in City of Heroes) so I’ll bring her out in a later post.

For now, meet Prinny Arnold, who unlike Action Cat is not fixed to a particular segment, but I imagine will often interject in WTF, California? segments.

“Come with me if you want to live, dood!”
Rather than simply pull Grand Theft Conan and stick a photoshopped Governator in the Conveniently Placed Viewscreen, I thought it would be funnier to turn him into a Prinny. He’s a red Prinny with Governor Schwarzenegger’s hair and the squinty eyes, and also wears a tie… just because. Though he still has the AHNOLD voice… like any other Prinny he adds “dood” at the end of sentences.

Instead of the usual machetes that all Prinnies carry, he dual-wields Prinny-sized machine guns, and carries Bob-Ombs instead of the normal bombs that Prinnies normally carry. Sometimes he’ll even wear sunglasses just to look badass. He also likes ice cream.

He cannot use the Pringer Beam ability, but has a fitting replacement– a Terminator head that fires eyebeams!

Prinny Arnold likes California so naturally he’d be a little miffed if people hate on it for whatever reason (being broke, having weird weather, the Proposition 8 controversy, etc.). Unfortunately, attempts to intervene in defense of his favorite state tend to backfire… literally– something tends to happen that results in him exploding (because, you know, Prinnies explode when thrown, and unlike the Hero Prinny’s scarf, that Governor’s Tie doesn’t protect him from exploding), like falling off the desk, or banging his head on the desk in frustration. Fortunately for him, exploding resets his term limits, enabling him to remain in office forever.

Being a Prinny in this “universe,” of course, obviously implies that he died as a human. Now how did THAT happen? o.O Perhaps some kind of freak accident? *shrug*


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