Parts and Labor III

Less than a week until Windows 7 (and with it, the birth of Yggdrasil the Old Mahn/Robo-Fusoya). Hm. Odds are, Iggy will probably get built first since mother is likely to stall on moving her stuff off the main partitions until the very last minute. (Smart people either store their crap on another drive/partition to begin with, or at least consolidate it within the user folder! In the case of the latter, it’s simply a matter of click-dragging the user folder to the other partition.)

Iggy’s case arrived today. Not sure why Amazon put it in a box rather than ship it naked like other parts retailers tend to do with cases (they tape a makeshift or transparent envelope with the invoices and things inside). Oh well. All his parts are now here, I just need the OS and I’ll have myself a badass old guy. :D

I should probably prep his wallpaper, too (featuring, of course, his Avatar form)… I need to grab the resolution off my TV, though, as that’s what he’ll physically cap out at.

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