(WIP) Genesis Rock

This isn’t a perfect replication of the Golbez armor (or, as it’s called in RT, the Deathkeeper). Believe it or not I actually did transfer, like… 80% of the details, but I did remove/simplify some things. (I based it on Golbez’ Dissidia design.)

Also… I decided to remove Hikaru from the bromide. I’d gotten pretty far into inking her portion when it looked like she would actually be competing with Aries as the focus of the bromide. Ordinarily that wouldn’t be an issue, but since this is an FE Bromide and those exist solely to show off the badassery of that character’s final equipment, this kind of competition wouldn’t be fitting. It’s possible I could add her back in as a very minor element (a small silhouette?) in the final version, though.

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