(WIP) Giggity giggity, clad in the dark

Nope, this isn’t Gourmet Ramen, but still Aries-related:

Wireframe of Aries’ FE (Final Equipment) Bromide, which like other FE Bromides, you get with Aries’ ultimate body armor (Deathkeeper). And, of course, final equipment entails him dressing up as Golbez. (Cosplay is a common theme in RT’s final equipment sets, really, and Aries isn’t the only one pulling some FF4 theft– Commander Ezelton’s FE gear has him wearing Kain’s armor!) It makes sense, though: Aries is huge like Xbox, just as Golbez is stupidly-huge, even in Dissidia.

Not quite evident in the wireframe, but Aries is also showing off his equally-stupidly-huge spear and is holding out something in his other hand… but what? I’ll… get to that in the line art phase.

But then there’s just one little problem… Golbez has a pet Shadow Dragon. Surely this can’t translate into Ragnarok TWILIGHT, right?
It’s called “make Hikaru use Dragon Shift and borrow her as a stand-in for the shot!” She’s not amused at all by it, of course, but it was never really up to her, was it? :P

Anywho, I scribbled the wireframe for this now, and because weekends are mind-numbingly-boring (well, the rest of the week is boring, but weekends suck even more because there is crap for TV to use as background noise unless I’m lucky and there’s an SVU marathon) I should have more incentive to color that Gourmet Ramen piece and perhaps ink/color this bromide.

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