Bad Ramen potential alert!

I’ve a full Ramen plate right now. Gourmet Ramen and Pundit Games Episode 5 (and I still need to do a back-posting of previous episodes that I held back), oh, and holidays are coming up, too… Halloween, and because I hate Thanksgiving, Snowschemes will once again be starting up in November.

That said, however… reading voice actor Twitter– specifically, that belonging to one Yuri Lowenthal— planted this seed of a nagging idea that I will eventually have to address for epic hilarity:

“If Final Fantasy 4 had Twitter”
(Doesn’t this sound like it could be a Conan O’Brien segment? XD)

Yeah, you chew on that. Think of the stupid-hilarity of Cecil tweeting about things like, oh, the infamous Spoony Bard thing, or Fusoya’s impossibly-long beard. This could potentially be as awful (and thus awesome) as that one time I drew Haruko and Velan as Beavis and Butthead.

In other news, Papa Johns got massive awesome points yesterday for bringing back its “John’s Favorite” spec (basically an enhanced version of the sausage and pepperoni spec that I am so fond of). I don’t know if this is a temporary reinstatement or if, like their Chocolate pastries, this is permanent… but it is definitely squee-worthy all the same. :D

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