That’s no LAN Party…

Oh Microsoft. Windows House Parties?! XD
Well, you get points for trying, I guess. (Part of me wants to see what these Windows 7 party favors look like, just for laughs.)

Here’s my idea of a Win7 launch party: running around House Ayarane like a headless chicken, dodging LOL BULLDOGS while slapping Windows on all the machines (because mother surely can’t be bothered to config her own machines), and building Yggdrasil (old man Iggy!), and praying that none of the machines explode afterwards.

Certainly there will be pizza involved?!

Speaking of Iggy, I forget if I’ve mentioned it here, but I’ll be waiting until October before I order the last of his parts (case, PSU and wireless-N adapter, possibly video card). Certainly there will be lots of sales as Windows 7’s release date approaches. Monies have already been set aside for Iggy’s assembly, but it’s always nice (both financially and “dude I am AWESOME”) to get stuff for cheap.

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