16-Bit Goombas FTW

Oh YouTube, how I love you…

Would you say I’m a bad person if I said that I always preferred the All-Stars version of SMB1? (And, for that matter, the “upgraded” ports of 2, 3 and World?) I know, YAY 8-BIT LOLZ but for some reason this one just looked better and it’s not like it got that much of a difficulty tweak, if at all (also the addition of World’s sound effects helped!). It made me sad that this version never got released as part of the GBA ports.

Also this needs to not make me imagine a Ragnarok TWILIGHT-themed send-up of the whole freaking Mario franchise. Hell Legion Black Dragons would make convincing Koopa Troopas… (Seriously, we have ’em in the same colors.) Naturally this would also involve Yoshi wearing a goofy padded Yoshi suit and bitching about how she’s soooo NOT transportation. :P

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