The joy of international shipping

I love DealExtreme. Not only is it awesome if you’re a naughty gamer like me and want to hack your PSP on the cheap (and I do mean cheap, they’re selling Pandora batteries for less than $10 now!) but you can find some other small-but-handy tech gems there.

and if you are so inclined, there are also booby mousepads there. I am soooo not kidding. Anywho!

Now, if you opt for their free (as in beer) shipping, you’re in for a bit of a wait. Fine with me, if I can get my crap for $21… that would otherwise cost me WELL over $200 total if I bought through other channels. After all, this stuff is coming from freaking Hong Kong. I get that.

…and this is where it gets a little weird. I’m watching the USPS tracker (since at some point they step in to complete the process) and… um…

Guys? Why did you hop my stuff to New York? Hold on, let’s bring up Google Maps, for those among us who are more visually-inclined…

Isn’t it more logical to fly across the Pacific to Los Angeles? (pink arrow line on map) I’m not following here. See the green arrow lines: you go from Hong Kong, all the way through Russia and Europe, across the Atlantic… to New York, meaning now you have to either fly (or, since this is low-level shipping, drive) across the country to California. This is supposed to be inexpensive and thus justify free shipping… how? If anything, it would be more logical to charge me more for taking the longest, most ridiculous path from the warehouse to my mailbox rather than fly across the Pacific.

Unless, of course, there are AIR PIRATES.

Just saying. :P


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