The Importance of Not Thinking

Mom? MOM. It’s nice you got Chloe someone to play with. But you did it for the wrong reasons and it’s going to come back and bite you, as does everything else you do without thinking.

Do you know why Chloe is meowing at you and hanging around near the door and nibbling on you at night? She’s tired of being cooped up in that room all the time. Considering that you go to bed at 5 and don’t get up until, what, 5 or even 6pm (which in itself screws up a lot of other things but that’s another detail altogether), yeah. Of course she’s going to start pestering you.

Getting a fourth kitty is a bandaid fix. You know what’s going to happen… they’ll play with each other, alright, but then they’ll BOTH come after you. Or if not after you, they’ll be like Kestine and Daisy and ninja-fight on your bed. And who gets to listen to you whine and complain about “oh I can’t sleep the cats keep me up at night, I need sleep or my heart condition will get worse, waaaaah?” Yes, me, because I’m still the worst person in the world who can’t do anything right and I can’t get to the DMV because you need to sleep, Kelly is… I don’t know where the hell she is, and by the time Robert gets up, the DMV stops offering tests for the day, and now I’m even having to skip volunteer service shifts (fff, they must think I’m a flake) because you get up so late and no I can’t wake you because you AND Evil Stepfather will yell at me!

And don’t pull that “idk lol” with me when I try to address the issue tactfully (Robert wouldn’t hold back, but I can’t afford to trigger Drama Queen mode so my hands are tied), or change the topic to my dead floor fan.

Also I SERIOUSLY question the wisdom of waiting until Wilson and BabyGirl (sidenote: wtf kind of name is BabyGirl, anyway?) are 18 months to get them fixed. It slows their growth? The world is not going to end if it takes them longer to grow up. Look at the cats, they got fixed early on and they seem normal! Holding off on getting the dogs fixed is going to make things WAY worse in the long run since the destructive behavior associated with having intact parts is more likely to stick, and you with your nonexistent patience… you’ll get pissed off and instead of doing the right thing like going to more dog obedience classes or hiring a dog trainer to come over (because oh no, EVERYONE IS OUT TO REPORT YOU TO ANIMAL CONTROL), you’ll just throw your hands up and throw the dogs away like you threw Toby away…

*epic, EPIC facepalm, apply directly to the forehead*

This parental stupidity makes me very very sad. I miss father. At least he had a brain… and USED IT. (Mother called it “dragging his feet” because father actually bothered to consider things like consequences and such.)

What is so horrible about letting Chloe mingle with Kestine and Daisy, as would be normal progression? They don’t even hiss at her anymore, hell Kestine just flees. THIS IS NORMAL. Augh.

t [info]brendala, your parents are STILL normal compared to my mother. Can I still petition for honorary membership? I may be a naughty liberal and my computer-speak might sail over your head but… :(

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