Yoshi = still a VA wench

re: Disgaea 3

Johnny Bosch has WAY too much fun as Almaz. XDDD
This is, like, borderline “it should be ILLEGAL to be that funny” territory.

So far I am really liking Disgaea 3; it’s got the kooky “what it takes to be a demon” elements from the first game’s plot and the improved gameplay from the second game. I just wish I hadn’t been lazy in taking off the cellophane for about a year. Ahahahahahaha.

On a related note, I should probably preorder the PSP port of Disgaea 2… and pick up a replacement battery door for my PSP while I’m at it. Turns out it’s not my PSP battery that’s being lame-o, it’s the door… it has a very fine crack in the middle that keeps it from closing all the way, thus it can’t properly hold the battery in place. I can most likely loot a replacement for dirt cheap on DealExtreme. >_>;

That is all.

(LJ version: also beware the Etna icon)

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