Seven Windows

Not that I imagine that there are many Windows fans here, but Altima Network’s got all their copies of Windows 7 preordered. (The Best Buy event ends later today</a>, it’s cheaper than if you order directly from Microsoft!) Blastoise and Onyx get Pro, the rest get Home Premium– and one of the remaining 4 is a wildcard. If mother wants to slap it on Evil Stepfather’s laptop, that copy goes to her, otherwise I’ll put it on Dinah. I’m wary of how it’d work out on her because of her age (mostly I’m concerned about her graphics) but supposedly Windows 7 is far less demanding than Vista… Hm.

But most excitedly, with Windows 7 comes the construction of Yggdrasil (aka “old man Iggy”). Most of his parts I already have, it’s just aside from a power supply and maybe a beefier video card (I’ve Blastoise’s old 7600GT on standby), I just need to choose a case. I like Thermaltake, so it’s pretty much down to either the Mozart Media Lab Sx or the Bach Media Lab. Iggy’s role on the network is to take over as the media server so Blastoise can FINALLY sleep at night, but also take over as a secondary Instant Ramen machine. (Even if it means I sacrifice Blastoise’s dual monitors for Iggy’s HDTV. :P) To be a TRUE media center box, I’d need to put in a TV Tuner card… but for Iggy this isn’t really necessary because he’s sharing the TV with my DVR and I have Slingbox ANYWAY, wahaha. Hell, I think my TV has picture-in-picture, I just never fiddled with that.

though… it would be nice if Microsoft could patch in Slingbox support into the Media Center dashboard… just sayin’. :P

Also for the LJ edition: new icon, w00t :D

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