Lazy Saturday

Since it’s mother’s birthday, and I stepped up to cover dinner… Pizza Hut, because mother likes her Stuffed Crust extra cheese pizza!

Yes, I’m a no-good two-timer when it comes to pizza. I can’t decide ultimately who I like better. >_> (This, also ignoring that there a bazillion local pizza vendors here. :P) Now, if I had to pick just on pizza alone, I would instantly hand the prize to Papa Johns, but because I also factor side items and such into the decision, that complicates things a bit. Papa Johns has some damn tasty cheese bread and mana chocolate strudels, and they include the garlic dip by default, but Pizza Hut’s P’zones are mega-chewy compacted… things that blossom in flavor mid-nommage. Oh, it’s hard to choose…

Anywho, while I figure out how else I can tweak and add to the Ayarane Project hub (and later on, work on Sleepover), omnomnom while I watch Simpsons torrents! Slacker mode RESUME!

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