Go away or I will set your head on pepperoni!

Woke up at 5am and couldn’t go back to sleep, so I got on Blastoise to ink the third part of Sleepover. Here be a screen of the wireframe, in all its hints at Hikaru fan service. Chelsea… not so much– not quite visible in scribbly wireframe mode, but she’s squeezing soap gel on a sponge… luffa-head-thing.

But then my virus scanner piped up for its daily sweep, and that kinda slows Painter a bit. Yes, even with 4GB of RAM in this thing. You would think that would, you know, make me invincible or something. :P

Of all things, I’m looking forward to painting this. Not so much because for obvious reasons it would be an easy paint job… actually, no, it probably won’t be easy at all since there’s falling water and steam involved and weird colorations I get to deal with, but I’ve not done much involving water in awhile. Call this one of those EXTREMELY RARE moments but I like to think I don’t totally fail at painting water… that, I might (holy smoo!) actually be GOOD at it. Imagine that. o_o

In other news, zee house, it shall be mine for most of today! (Well, except for pets.) Mother and Evil Stepfather are going on some… well, I think it’s one of those city-sponsored/community “field trip” in which they hop a charter bus to a baseball game and barbecue. Whatever. Point being, they won’t be here, and I am totally nomming on pizza tonight.

Kestine is being quite the attention-whore right now, geez… “meow, meow, pet me, meow, purr,” and rubbing his face all over me, and just about everything else on my desk. Also swatting at my Blastoise trinket. I love you too, kitty. :P

Also Daisy has a new collar bell. It sounds huge. I think she’d have been better off with a cowbell. I’ll try to get a pic if she’ll sit still long enough. XD

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