(Undercooked) 27

I can’t draw Draenei worth anything. :P
The flailing “:D” one is Dalmont and the floaty one with LOLS is boss Buffsrus (whom I’ve taken to just calling boss)
…maybe I should have done Robert’s CoH incarnation instead. >_>;

SO Today is my spoony brother’s birthday. Seeing as Robert has plenty of nice things in teh WoWz (and boss beat me to making a Wispcloak, boooo), uh… the only thing I could think of ingame is leaving Delicious Chocolate Cake in his main’s inbox, with a note that while I had volunteer service today, I would be available Friday for, er, not-birthday-related stuff. Presumably involving food. Because apparently it’s okay for Robert to be a dork about birthdays but not everyone else.

That’s now semi-out the window, since mother thinks we can wedge in something between me getting out of volunteer service and Robert having to go to work. Oi…

I’ll figure out something?

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