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Paid up the next term for Yoshi Car insurance today… it lowered to $831 from 1000, and when I was initially quoted, before the SURPRISE BUTTSEX SPEEDING TICKET on my mother’s record came up, the agent told me that if it was just me I would have been started around $800. I’m assuming that if the premium were to go down further, whenever it gets switched over to me, it’d reset to $800.

Still, better than $1000. Gives me a little pocket change, heh.

Poor Yoshi Car. Because I’m a dork and was intimidated the hell out of the whole process by asshat test admins, mother’s tendency to drama queenery and, above all else, my easily-obliterated and usually nonexistent confidence, my car sits out on the driveway, alone, going months without a soul as much as spraying her down. She’ll be a year old next month and supposedly still has new car smell, that is how infrequently she has been touched since I got laughed out of the Rancho DMV office in January. >_>;

I think I should probably fix that.
I already paid up the fee and got my picture/thumbprint taken, it’s just a matter of “let me in, I gotta retest” and hope that jerk test admin is off that day (or at least manning information/checkin instead of the written test).
Ulterior motives? 1, to have the ability to GTFO and restock on food, and 2, Chaffey redux. The economy still sucks too bad to job-hunt without making my head implode (after all, it’s about as backwards as the DMV) and I’ve some unfinished business at Chaffey… and, let’s be honest, Chaffey is as much a social thing as anything else.

In other news: ARGH.
My brother is being a dork about his birthday. You…. aren’t allowed to say no! Especially since this is the first time I can actually buy you stuff! >:(
(That and it turns out he already has the Die Hard blu-rays. Booo.)
I was going to cook up some plot to get myself kidnapped on Thursday, only to remember I’ve volunteer service (with new hours no less) and it would just be a total pain to either ninja my brother for dinner either before or after since he likely still has to work that evening.

Only thing I can think of… well… with father gone, I no longer recognize Father’s Day (especially because Evil Stepfather seems to think he can set himself up as a replacement figure). Perhaps I can ninja Robert for dinner then. >_>;

At the very least, I’m totally stuffing his WoW inbox with delicious cake. >:D

I’m tempted to overnight a Gamestop gift card to his house ANYWAY. Maybe.

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