Sleep is for the weak!

And yet I find myself nodding off a little more than usual. Inversely, it sucks to sleep normally. I blame my pillows… I really should order new ones.

Agh! I just did it again… I blinked in my chair. Perhaps I should just give in and go take a nap… after all, it’s not like I have anything better to do.

For the billionth time, I love my cat. Even when he’s being a total attention whore, the way he goes about it is so cute that you can’t really fault him over it. His thing now is to literally shove his face into my palm if he wants you to pet him but you’re either sleeping or otherwise don’t/can’t make the effort to pet him. Or if you just happen to be lying down with your right arm extended, Kestine will curl up in such a way that his head is within easy petting range. XD

I swear Kestine is so easy to please… I think just the potential of being petted sets off his purring. And he purrs REALLY loud, too. Also, whenever I am just about to take his picture, he’ll roll onto his back and put up his two fron paws. XD

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