Admiral Taggery

This is totally an exclusive for those viewing this from the main Ayarane Project hub. As in, this very server. Lucky you! Actually, it’s because it’s only relevant to this version of the blog and thus makes no sense to appear on the other variants.

I was SUPPOSED to go attempt sleep, um, 3 hours ago but decided on a whim to go diving through all the 150-ish posts that have been streaming here since the server change in late October of last year and add tags to all of them, since the stream widget thingy that pulls the posts off LJ won’t carry over tags and… yeah. Clearly Yoshi is very bored. From hereon I’ll try to go back and tag streamed posts (and fix the ones with YouTube/NBC video widgets since, again, the stream widget kinda forgets to import those) as soon as possible, just because it’s cleaner that way.

You’ll also see that in the byline there’s an “ITP” field (ITP being “in this post”) with the tags used. Also the Yoshi link should take you to the about page rather than another useless archive.

Why do I do this? Certainly can’t be because I’m stupidly amused by things like, oh, TAG CLOUDS and such?

What else… ah… I may replace the title text with something more graphical. But that I’ll do another time, when I am less sleepy.

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