For awhile, things are not fail

– shredding up heroics with Robert and boss in teh WoWz (if boss wants old man Phil to level faster, there’s still quite a few Outland instances he could drag my old ass through. Just sayin’.)
– late night burger, yum.
Mario skit on tonight’s Conan, hell yeah. Now I want to go dig up my DS…

Also, I may loot me a DSi in the near future. Remember how last year, during the summer for no reason I just up and ordered a bunch of things off Best Buy? Yeah, I think that’ll be a yearly thing I’ll do, a summer Treasure Box of Awesome. Maybe I’ll go through Gamestop this time and go eat up a bunch of old games I’ve been putting off.

Haven’t touched Sleepover for a couple days… last thing I did was just start to ink the Chelsea part of the second piece. Maybe tomorrow I’ll ink more.

On that note, I should, like, sleep and such.

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