Because I have no shortage of weird things to like

That green armchair downstairs is dangerous. I fall asleep in it waaaaay too easily. >_>;; I ended up sleeping all day after going downstairs for food, only to wake up in time for the “In the Year 3000” skit on Conan. (Oh NBC, I love you for posting at least the skits ASAP.)

Okay… I love my Slingbox, and have it running on my secondary monitor pretty much all the time when I’m on Blastoise, but sometimes (read: most weekends) there is crap for stuff to watch on TV, and even YouTube is failing to catch my interest.

As much as I hate my mother’s use of Netflix for mass DVD piracy, I DO like the online streaming option… and because it doesn’t clash with her Roku box, I’ve pretty much free license to raid her account for browser streaming as much as I want. Yum, Starz Play, for one thing… but, dude, I like to raid the TV section. Law and Order SVU, hell yes!

…and then I stumble upon something… one that leads to the reasoning behind this post’s titles. Now, anyone who knows me will also know I have the WEIRDEST TASTE IN MOVIES (ETC.) EVER. (Disaster movies and B-grade sci-fi flicks, weee) Welp, a couple days ago I’m ferreting around the TV section to see if any new SVU boxsets had been posted… and I instead find pretty much all of Hercules and Xena, save for a few things redacted to get you to actually rent the discs. :P

Holy crap. These were, like, two of the very few TV shows Robert and I could ever agree on watching. (We didn’t have separate TVs until around ’98.) And as campy as they are, that was a huge part of the charm. Of course I have to watch these. And if my spoony brother actually used an IM program– seriously, I need to prod him into letting me slap Hamachi on his box, at the very least so we can pass WoW patches between our boxes– I would totally be all “OMG LOOK” about this. :P

In hindsight, Robert was right about how the later seasons became mega-weak, but I was too stubborn at the time to listen. >_>;;;


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