(WIP) No Towel Zone

Chelsea’s all :O over the guildmaster bathtub. “You could fit two people in there! Like…. you and Numair! :D”
Which is just about the WORST thing you could tell Hikaru.
Oh, the conflict between the adult mind and a child’s innocent observation.


I can’t believe I even need to say this, but this is to head off ’nuffers who jump to conclusions too easily, like that one fool who complained about the Flea Vest being unbuttoned in an earlier bromide post.

Sleepover includes a bath scene between Hikaru and Chelsea. It is sooooo not sexual, since that kinda defeats the purpose of this being OMGCUTE and such, and the final versions will have strategically-placed soap suds, and even without them both are featureless anyway…

But because I’m sure certain people will complain all the same about how I’m drawing lolicon (really, I don’t see how Hikaru x Chelsea would even be possible to begin with, given Hikaru still has a truckload of body image issues that sometimes give her pause when it comes to Numair), the LJ version will put any non-wireframe’d WIP screencaps behind a cut. The Facebook feed does this automatically based on post length, so that’s taken care of. However, if you’re seeing this from the Ayarane Project front page, short of manually editing the post (which I am far, FAR too lazy to do), there’s not much I can do aside from indicating that any Sleepover pieces of the bath scene are, regrettably, NSFW.

tl;dr version: Sleepover’s bath scene is not child porn.

Time for sleep.

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