Yes, I know. I said I was too verbose for it. But as I lay in bed yesterday after a nap, lamenting the non-existence of a Yuri Lowenthal-narrated “Let’s Play” YouTube series about Metroid Prime (damn you, Yoshi’s Imagination… stop hijacking my subconscious and trigger dreams of awesome stuff that could plausibly exist but DOESN’T, like the above-mentioned thing!), some stupid ideas occurred to me. And Twitter somehow factors into this.

If you are among the BOO HISS TWITTER camp, here’s some good news: no batch posts to this blog. Oh no, I have something slightly more evil in mind. Once everything is set up here, Yoshi-brand tweeting will instead get piped to the front page of Ayarane Project (you know, that domain nobody cares about and currently pipes things like my LJ and Ramen feeds?). Specifically, it’ll be one of those sidebar widgets, along with the RSS of Instant Ramen and such.

So, yeah, no need to worry there, twitterphobes, as your access to Yoshi’s Imagination will remain in the filtered form of normal posts and Instant Ramen. :P
The rest of you can access the direct Twitter feed in the meantime, until I can get it linked to Ayarane Project proper.


Also… dude, Papa Johns? You are totally getting my money today, if only so I can see if your upgrade on my favorite pizza config (sausage and pepperoni) passes muster.
Waiting on mother and Evil Stepfather to clear out (they’re going to visit his mother), though… which is hopefully soon, because I’ve not eaten yet. >_>;

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