My bed is a giant brownie

So, uh, FINALLY I have new sheets. (And you’ve heard me bitch about them for how long?) Kestine’s vet bill (boo ear infection and tapeworm) and my Slingbox bricking itself kinda put off things like replacing my sheets, and this morning I find a sheet package + mattress pad. Woohoo!

Now, it’s not blue like I wanted… but I think this is even better. I thought brown was rather meh, until I’d unfolded and installed the thing and then this thought entered my head…

I can’t find the TV version anymore. YouTube’ing “Land of chocolate” now only pulls up footage from the Simpsons game. Ah well.

In all seriousness, though, my bed now looks like a giant brownie with two of those Halloween-sized Hershey bars for pillows. I kinda wish this set included a blanket… hmm >_>;

Perhaps I need to find an excuse to obtain chocolate chip pancakes. o_o

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