I could use a warm bath. And a cookie.

I like cold weather, except when I have to shower and then it’s PLZ BE 72F KTHXBAI. Because I’m a total wuss when it comes to getting out of the shower and it’s 50+ degrees colder. I do not take to such drastic temperature jumps well at ALL. You would think it’d not be so bad because I’m a tubbo, but it gets me in my head and hands and it’s, just… DO NOT WANT. (And I’m sure it’s even WORSE for you men. Yeah. I see what you did there.)

Slingbox? Slingbrick is more like it. A couple weeks ago, there was a new firmware patch for the Slingboxes… except, um, it kinda bricked the two Pro-HD units we have here. I’d gone through all the troubleshooting steps on my end (connecting both the wireless bridge and Slingbox through Dinah’s LAN port… bridge is fine, Slingbox is unresponsive). Seeing as my Slingbox is, what, 2 years old, and surely out of warranty, I was just going to delay getting the remainder of the parts for my media center box (PSU and OS) and quietly replace both Slingboxes… until mother is all “OMG IT’S A PLOT TO MAKE YOU UPGRADE.”

*sigh,* the drama queenery is everywhere.

For one thing, that upgrade program does not apply to us because we already have Pro-HD units. Still, she’s gathering serial numbers and wants to call… fine, but I’m not sitting on the line for her so she can go coo over puppies, because they’re just going to tell me mine is over a year out of warranty. At best, they may send mother a new Slingbox to replace hers since she’d still be in warranty.


Buh, I’m already nodding off. time to attempt sleep z_z

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