Much ado about BUUUUH

I plugged my Wii back in (I know, LAZY) and got it all patched and such… and realized that if I’m going to slap a media center box on this TV, I really should replace the table everything is on with an actual… media center… thing…

As many of you know I’ve always gotten shortchanged in terms of furniture. LOL CARD TABLES and such, right? Siblings have typically gotten new-everything and, um… for some reason, when it came to me, mother was all “oh just give her card tables and be done with it.” My current TV stand is, like… one of those “my first desk” for preschoolers, where depending on how it’s rotated can be a desk or a bench. @_@ So, uh, I should probably do something about this first before I build my new box. As is, my Wii/PS3 are sitting on corkboards on top of my mini-fridge… a workable temporary solution, keyword being TEMPORARY. Better than where my Xbox is sitting (literally, a stack of empty gift boxes).

Since I’m lopping off a bit of my CD on Friday, and because this really is a much needed upgrade, I’m not going to worry about cost. I’m pretty sure there are kits that can accomodate a 26-inch widescreen TV and with a few shelves so I can move my consoles ‘n crap. :P

The only other major “infrastructure” thing I can think of getting is a mini-freezer. That would dramatically increase my backup munchie capacity. >_>;

Also i should probably shower… like… soon…


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