the countdown begins

T minus 7 days to Yoshi Day.

Screw April Fools. Bring on delicious chocolate buttercream cake!
Seriously, I’ve got a bad craving for that right now. Not even chocolate donuts will work.

Uhm…. I don’t know if I should just go nuts on Amazon and/or Best Buy (yay $20 rewards zone certificate!) and time it so the box full of loot gets here on Yoshi Day, or buy all that stuff on the actual day or wait until MONTCLAIR RAID or something. (I know I’m holding my Gamestop card for the latter.)

I need to do laundry today. >_>;
Depending on how much I can get done (contingent on how long mother lets the Pups of the Apocalypse wander, because their play area obstructs passage to the laundry room, gah), I’ll either go deposit this rebate check tonight, else it gets deposited tomorrow after library service. Need to poke mother for her share of this month’s pet insurance premium too.

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