(WIP) Spoony fodder

Spoony and Centromere. And the latter I had to redraw half of because I could not quite nail the whole juggling thing.
Also for some reason, half my background layers got damaged… like, 90% of ’em are kinda faded and there’s a stripe on the right side that’s normal. Probably a result of rolling back to Painter 10. >_>;;; Well, I guess it’s okay, since there aren’t many characters remaining and I’ll have to make a different set for Episode 0 anyway.

Ah, Centromere… can you believe he is Golgi’s twin? (Putting aside that somewhere along the way he decided to cut his hair and dye it brown from orange…) A pity he kinda gets slapped with the Luigi stick in that he is GREATLY overshadowed by his brother and doesn’t have any significant involvement in the main story; hell, his sidequest doesn’t even take place in the real world, but rather inside a freaking snowglobe pocket world.

But, all the same, he’s the designated Indignation-user. Yes. A freaking party magician throwing around Indignation. That will NEVER get old. XD
And while he and Golgi are both little geniuses (Centromere’s just the more music/magically-inclined of the two), part of me wants to liken Centromere to… Osaka. I don’t know. It’s that vacant, “HAY GUYS WANT TO SEE MY NEW TRICK?” kind of superficial air that he has, but I imagine that could actually be a good thing if you think about it. All that Hell Legion drama and such just sails over his head, really.

He’s a half-angel too, obviously, but his angel powers aren’t ever really nurtured. I don’t think he even cares, haha.

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