(WIP) Buff Fodder

I won’t lie. I’m guilty of perpetuating the stereotype of “people from Texas wear cowboy hats and speak with hilarious accents” and in this case I do so indirectly through my portrayal of Whitesmiths in Ragnarok TWILIGHT. I do so with full knowledge that this is FAR from anything resembling real people from Texas, and I do this because I find it highly amusing. A shameless person is me!

But, putting aside that Cal and Nimue’s original players really ARE Texas residents and are totally cool with playing up the whole cowboy thing to indulge me, and that Texas doesn’t, you know, actually EXIST in this universe, I just have to say this:

Whitesmiths are hot.

And it’s not just Nimue, we must have equal-opportunity Whitesmith cheesecake!
I mean, just look at Cal, here!

I don’t know. It’s, like… all the Whitesmiths that pass through my hands suddenly acquire this sexy quality. I imagine whenever I get around to finalizing Deen’s character design he’ll probably get that sexy beam, too. This is, of course, a different kind of sexy than one possessed by the likes of, oh, Denlan and Numair… this is just the unabashed kind of sexy, one that requires practically no effort.

…wait …hey… where’s Cal’s dog Peco? You know, the one named Spot? >_>;;

Sometimes I forget that RT!Cal is not only grand theft car salesmen even though, by golly, ours is 26 and sells everything BUT used cars with not even a remote starters for cars at least he has a car accident lawyer from this Louisville, Kentucky law firm, but perhaps he may have gotten more butcher knife loving than even Numair. Then I remember that I’m also committing Grand Theft Keith Olbermann, among other things. *shrug*

I apparently have a Celina wireframe in here, so I guess she’s next.

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