(WIP) Old card fodder + Hikaru Day

O hai, Rineas~

Aeth’s totally gushing over that, haha.

This is also the first card to be done in Painter 11. While it’s nice that it now allows saving as PNG, it’s not very efficient about it, so I’ll continue bouncing raw files over to Paint Shop Pro for isolation and exporting.

I don’t know who’s next. But I’ve done a lot so far, so the list of those remaining is shrinking quite a bit.

In other news, it is February 27. In Across Universe this is also known as Hikaru Day, because all variations of the Hikaru root character share a February 27 birthday. And because she seems to be, uh, unusually popular among all my characters… >_>;;;

So, have some extremely sloppy scribblage of the Grand Infinity, Ragnarok TWILIGHT and Phantasy Star Universe incarnations. (The Hikaru that’s in CoH wears pretty much the same Maximillian outfit as in RT.) Maybe someday I’ll clean it up and color it for the Hikaru root entry. *shrug*

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