Okay, imagination, this has to stop NOW. XD

Wandering on YouTube at midnight is hardly a good use of time that should be spent drawing. But, there was a song on the 80’s station of the XM radio in mother’s car that she had told me to look up, and against my better judgement I DID.

Putting aside the rush of returning memories… there was something even worse in the back of my mind that hit me like a sledgehammer.

You thought DenRoll was one of those “so facepalmingly bad it’s awesome” things? Imagine Denlan starring in Yoshi-drawn reconstructions of the cheesiiest, hokiest 80’s pop music videos EVER. I’m talking stuff that would make people question your sanity/sexuality/taste in ANYTHING. If you are that compelled to ask what, specifically? Do so at your own risk. >_>;

(Why do I get the feeling that Touji and Entropy are going to be the first in line to do just that?)

But, yes. Someone please smack me if I ever do something as absurd as draw anything resembling the above. Damn you, Yoshi’s Imagination, these shenanigans have gone far enough and it will end NOW before some poor onlooker is traumatized forever, cookie couch be damned. XD;

On the flipside, I feel much, MUCH less bashful about telling people “I collect cheesy disaster movies and I love EVERY minute of them.”
*needs to decide if she’s going to either go buy the actual DVDs of her disaster flick collection to replace either the white-case rips or the ones that were lost when her old DVR crashed, or step up and get the Blu-Ray versions*

The Sheena icon for the LJ edition of this post is so fitting it HURTS. XD

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