Sodas and ninjas

I have Dinah back. And ohgod I’m so glad I renewed her warranty… she got sent to HP and they ended up replacing her entire lid, and on the invoice it said that without the warranty I would have had to pay almost $800. @_@ But now she has a new lid and everything that comes with it (for some reason I notice it more in the screws, they’re black rather than silver), and even her keyboard area got cleaned up. :D

And not that I thought it would come to it, but all her data’s still there. The Geek Squad clerk that brought out Dinah was squeeing over my Chiyo-kitty wallpaper and she wanted to know if she could loot it to her flash drive. XD;

So now I’m here, Dinah’s plugged back in and patching stuff (Windows Update, CoH, etc.) and I have tasty Jack in the Box. Omnomnom. Rineas’ status card is sketched, just need to ink and color that fool.

And yes it really did take me 2 hours to finish writing this post. I blame big yellow furballs constantly batting at stuff on my desk. :P

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