Yoshi, gold medal winner for today’s Worst System Builder in the Woooooorld.

Why is this? Onyx wouldn’t turn on because I am a dork and transposed the front panel wires for Power LED and Power Switch. HUR HUR HUR.
One switch later and he’s installing Vista and such… though for some reason he was pulling very slowly. This was going through a Blu-Ray drive, and piped through Serial ATA. Shouldn’t SATA be much faster?

…and while I smuggled out Synergy… a few hours later I get a call from House Cantlay saying that she’s not booting and the buttons are stuck. *facepalm of EPIC proportions* What the hell, she was just fine over here! Argh… earliest I can get over there is Friday, too. I hope nothing got dinged too badly during transport!

Our thermostat is borked. Which, uh… is barely tolerable during the day, but at night it’s just brutal, even with additional layers.
Trying to sleep in such cold is even worse. I’ll have to see about stealing another blanket or something.

Mother may summon someone to see about fixing it… maybe.

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