(WIP) Card Fodder

Yeah, they’re colored but they’re all part of a set so I’m slapping WIP on these anyway. Also so Aeth doesn’t have to wait for my lazy bum to wake up so he can loot.

I can churn these out quickly (provided, you know, I’m not interrupted by, oh, mother yanking me to stand by so she can put puppies away so I can hammer her box, only to change her mind after waiting for a couple hours, or other trivial crap). I’m so used to going huge on Ramen though… hm.

Yay reimbursement check from VPI, and for over $300… which, according to mother, is deducted from the $800 she still owes me. Um… sure. It gets deposited tomorrow anyway.

And, uh, apparently I am to be paid for all the roflcoptery involving Synergy? o.O Yay? I thought going in this was “whatever I front isn’t coming back.”
Of course, I have to hope that mother and the ogre will leave for at least a few hours sometime this week. Pretty please? I’d like to give Synergy back to House Cantlay sometime this century. The presence of a box of spare parts can be easily explained away, but Synergy herself is pretty much the equivalent of a 600-pound gorrilla in my room and while mother is strangely good about not opening my room’s door when it’s closed, sometimes I have to leave it open a crack in case Daisy decides to play/nap in my closet. >_>;;;

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