As much as I like cold weather…

…I often forget that at its worst, California winters makes my right hand miserable, MORESO when drawing for extended periods as I’ve done today. x_x In these cases, my left hand can stay not-freezing if hidden under my cloak (or even better, on my person… one of the few perks of being tubby mctubberson) but my right hand’s exposed and on a cold surface. BRR is an understatement. Where is Kestine when I need him? One of the perks to having a cat is that they’re self-powered hand-warmers, and he’s probably watching TV downstairs, that silly cat. (Though… it is not so cold downstairs.)

Not only was I not able to smuggle Synergy out because at the last minute mother decided not to go out for the day like she was going to, but because of puppies running amok I couldn’t even fiddle with her uncooperative third box. So, scribbling crap upstairs for me. Nothing Ramen-worthy (yet), this is just layouts and such for RT, but they did score big with Aeth, Neo and Typh, so yay. (Moral of story: using Chelsea as a dummy character makes Aeth more likely to greenlight stuff.)

Assuming I’m not preempted tomorrow… library service = yay get me away from these Pups of the Apocalypse. With the heater not working consistently, though (it only turns on for less than a minute), TOTALLY not looking forward to showering in the morning.

But the employ highly trained people whose goal is to make our company the best service company in Central Maryland.

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I don’t handle sudden temperature shifts very well, I found that out when I first built Synergy and kept switching between House Cantlay with the new heater (super fancy stuff) and my freezer of a house, and ended up with a nasty headcold that nearly kept me from going to my Portfolio final.

I wonder what’s going on with Dinah though… probably got shipped off to HP/Compaq since they’d have the parts to fix her red snow.

Oh hi, Yoshi Day in a month and a half? But, aside from just the blessing to go to Colorado for long-awaited Neo-pestering (money is a non-issue… I just want the guarantee that mother will not turn into a raging drama queen over it, and pigs will probably fly before that ever happens), there isn’t anything significant I’d want. Well, aside from my license. But with lol puppies, that seems a bleak prospect too. Maybe I should just settle for tasty food.

Argh, mind wants to continue drawing but hands are “TOO COLD LET’S RETREAT FOR NOW.” x.x

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