I woke up JUST in time to watch our badass freaking Presidential overlord get sworn into office. I’d woken up earlier at 6am and flipped on the TV and apparently nodded off again… but fortunately my cat hopped on my bed at 9 on the dot. (Didn’t you know? My kitty lovss MSNBC. He especially perks up whenever Keith Olbermann’s on, mwahahaha…)

Oh, hi, the official White House website suddenly became awesome. XD

It’s, like… dude, we have the most badass freaking president *ever.*

OH! Did you hear the crowd while Bush’s chopper was leaving? I was JUST THINKING about that song… whose name I cannot remember, and then behind all the chattering of the MSNBC anchors, I heard the crowd singing that. PRICELESS. I bet it’ll show up on YouTube later.

Bren is getting a laptop. A Dinah (read: Compaq), no less. And, um, I’ve been tapped to configure this machine (“give it the Yoshi treatment”) before it gets sent up to her in Denver. Of course, mother can never know about this… a shame that she doesn’t share in my view of generosity (again, hers is more like a nicely-rephrased version of “greed ftw! charity towards one’s fellow man is for losers!”)

I was looking for an opening so I could step away to go shower and such (because I know I won’t get a chance to later) and it appears the inaugural luncheon is it.

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