Sleep Apnea SUCKS

No, really… it does. I’ve dealt with it my whole life and now it decides to really start kicking me in the face.

Um… for the past few days I’ve been snapping awake several times during the night to realize that I’ve actualy fallen asleep sitting up rather than lying down. Creepy. And during the day I have these mild but annoying headaches…. and overall I just feel weaker. Booo. Booooooo.

I recall seeing some… mouthpiece on TV where it moves your jaw forward while you sleep. That may be the best I can do for now, since the more powerful or obvious solutions are a no-go for the time being (not without killing myself or my bank account). But until I get that, I can’t sleep in my own bed… I’ll have to, like, either sleep in my wicker chair or on Blastoise. Basically, sleep sitting up since apparently auto-switching to that’s what’s keeping me from suffocating (at least, that’s what I’m getting off Google).

Hell, even lying down and not sleeping makes me feel all weird. This sucks x.x

Of course, I can’t tell mother about any of this, I don’t want or need her going vicious drama queen on me again. FFS, she has enough openings to shred me apart whenever she damn likes…

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