Twenty Five

Snowschemes are being extended through January. Weee~


How did I fare as far as loot? Well… not much, really. I gave out FAR more than I got… but, you know, that’s totally fine with me, since that’s more fun anyway. And I much prefer to get the things I want myself. >_>;;;
Again, my sole regret is that I had to direct-ship BOX fodder rather than assemble it with my kooky touch, so I guess that SOMEWHAT justifies my going a little far in regards to loot quality.

…but… did I really go a “little far?” Or is there such no such thing as… that, and I’m really just rebelling against mother and her twisted idea of “generosity is good but only if you’re the one benefitting from it?” (Really, just a nice way of saying GREED IS GOOD) But, that’s “weird Yoshi-brand pseudo-existentialist-or-something” fodder best saved for another day.

By the way…. if you really want to know:
– $100 total in gift cards (Pizza Hut, Best Buy, Gamestop and Visa. Highly useful for imminent Montclair raiding)
– Tales of Symphonia: Dawn of the New World
– hueg toaster oven (that one I keep mentioning, also FINALLY cleared enough space to plug that thing in, I just need another surge protector)
– new floor mat
– grabber… pole… thing (You know, those things that janitors use to pick up stuff? Yeah. Highly useful and much less icky than picking up Yoshi-brand hairballs and other hard-to-reach litter by hand)

loot given TO family:
– SlingCatcher (mother, but technically this is “network-wide”)
– Metal Gear Solid 4 (Robert)
– laptop bag (Kelly)

I’m still not revealing the contents of the individual BOXes until all three recipients have theirs (I’ve confirmed two out of three have them now), though I will reveal who got tapped on the 24th: [info]pigeonguided, [info]xenosphobatic + [info]lady_of_entropy, and [info]serotomi
This does not rule out potential SURPRISE UPGRADE in the future. Bewaaaaaare. >_>;

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