(Instant Ramen Sketchbook) Snowscheme 2008 Part 2: “Numair’s Cookie Splatterhouse”

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Someone forgot to tell Numair that this was, you know, supposed to be a nice, innocent little cookie house. You know, with gumdrops and snowmen and pretty little christmas trees made of cotton candy…

But, nooooo, he had to go and set one of the trees on fire, smash a hole in the roof, decapitate one of the snowmen and rip off the other’s arms, and splatter “blood” on the outer walls oh, and ROAST DENLAN OVER THE CHIMNEY.

….hm, do fondant figures count as effigies? Since that’s pretty much what that charred Denlan fondant figure is.

One more week until Christmas. Let’s hope I can put out a bunch of smaller Snowscheme pics before then. >_>;;;

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