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O hi, Christmas commercials already? Well, I’m not complaining. :P
Speaking of which, I should probably pick a Snowscheme or go to a simple environmental engaging place and do some lake topography art… I’m leaning towards “Numair’s Cookie House” since while I was sorting books, there were a couple about Christmas decorations and… Christmas baking. >_> And here I thought it was dangerous for me to sort Children’s because I would get distracted by old stuff I read as a kid.

Also… little Snowflake (puppy #4 for those who are keeping track) had surgery today to correct Cherry Eye and also to get spayed. Except for some reason the office decided to close an hour earlier than they’re supposed to. Helloooooooo Raging Drama Queen mode. -.- I don’t get why I’m being yelled at because the vet office staff decided to shove off earlier (and they called me, like, 10 minutes before I got off volunteer service). But I was able to defuse most of it by buying dinner. >_>;;;
Need to pick up the puppy tomorrow morning…


…oh, right, Fontana DMV tomorrow. If either I screw up, or I get slapped by a technicality… I’m pretty much screwed until January, due to how much the appontment server is made of FAIL and gets clogged all too easily. And I’ll most likely have to drop volunteer service, since I’m what’s keeping mother from finding work, it seems…
No pressure, right? >_>;

I just kinda feel… I dunno, a bit of resignation, that despite best efforts something can and WILL go wrong tomorrow. This whole process has been debilitating on my self-confidence as a whole (moreso from being slapped with technicalities as opposed to screw-ups on my part). It’s not that I don’t want to get my license– seriously, I really need this because with Bren gone until, what, June and my mother being a Raging Drama Queen about anything relating to siblings and having practically no RL friends that I could reliably poke, it’d be a drastic understatement to say that any prospects of doing anything even remotely fun is NIL. And being stuck here with Evil Stepfather and the Four Wiggly Puppies of the Apocalypse will nuke ANYONE’s sanity. No. DO NOT WANT. Must get out, even if it’s just during the day. ARGH.

I still need to take my laptop in to have her monitor lid checked out… red snow and distorted colors at most angles is creepy. If this is indeed the strike 3 that triggers an exchange under the service plan, that effectively translates to a free upgrade… but if not, well, I’ll just use the opportunity to trade in for Dinah 2.0* and request as much reimbursement as I can get as my Christmas loot.

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