Choosing is hard

…and by that I mean picking which Snowscheme to do next. It’s ARGH because they all have potential for either extreme lulz or awesome or BOTH.

I’ll eliminate a few right now (more like most of these are being held because I’d want to have them done later in December, in concurrence with the “Twelve Days of Christmas” event in RT lore):

– MOAR LIGHTS (going to wait until neighbors put up houselights here, so I can, um, do research >_>;;;)
– JINT Santa, Storytime and Conference (I may triple-panel these, and release on the 23rd since that’s when all 3 take place)
– Light Verdict, Nightsong, Under the Table (these take place on the 24th… triple-panel may not be doable for these and it’s also possible I may only be able to do 1 or 2)
– OMFGPRESENT and Celina’s Puppy (takes place on the 25th, these I can double-panel)

(if you have no idea what these mean, look here)

So, yes… choosing the next one is making me :(
I wish I could be a Ramen speed demon again, when I was able to do completed stuff in, like, 3 hours and such. Boo.

Time for sleep.

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