Still a ways to go

No, no Snowscheme #1 yet… the tree is being a doodoohead since I have to drybrush it and then add lights and ornaments and ohgod this is why I paint Christmas trees very sparingly. HOPEFULLY future Snowschemes in this year’s series won’t prove to be so time-consuming, I’d like to be able to whip two out a week.

In the meantime, since I knew some people would like something to look at (and it was more feasible to stop and do a color sketch than attempt to finish #1), have some Christmas-modded Yoshi:

Taking a page from Pai, Yoshi’s eartails are tied up so as to not obscure the ribbon. Plus, her eartails combined with the insane fuzziness of that outfit… man, it’d be itchy as hell.

It was either port over Planet’s Burden or make a Christmas-themed weapon… I took an unusual third path. This “Celestiaring” isn’t QUITE holiday-looking, but to a degree it could be relevant. In the end, it just looks damned cute and like something Yoshi would use. I’d tried a Mistletoe mod of Planet’s Burden but it just didn’t look right.
Yes, Celestiaring = Lunaring + Stellaring, both Poring-series that I made up on the spot >_>;;

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