On Distractions

I’m staring at the still-uncolored-in-the-least Snowscheme… ah, it sucks to be easily distracted sometimes. Earlier, mother was talking about possibly taking the Frenchies to get their pictures taken with a mall santa, and decorating the house for Christmas (yeah, it seems I’m not the only one who doesn’t care for Thanksgiving, hehe), so while I’m trying to prod myself into coloring this rather complicated totem pole Snowscheme, I start browsing the likes of Walmart and Target’s websites for Christmas decor.

The sight of a red velvet ribbon served as a most bizarre trigger.

Red velvet = santa suits
Santa suits = christmas mods of RT character costumes
….Christmas cosplay? of the RL variety?

I totally did not need THAT idea to pop into my head. XD;
But… what if? One need not necessarily dress up as Santa, or Mrs. Claus, or an elf or a reindeer…

I started thinking… well, Hikaru would be right out, since the Mistletoe Maximillian would pe a pain and a half to construct in a short timeframe (I’d have had to start in, like… September) but perhaps Yoshi would be feasible? Well, first off, I should probably sketch her Christmas mod of the Twilight Seal. Still, thinking in “ballpark” terms, I’d just need to get ahold of a vest pattern and a crapload of red velvet and white faux fur. A blue wig, size 13 Santa boots (yes, I have hueg feet) and Santa gloves are easily obtainable either locally or online. Headgear… Yoshi would actually be better suited for a mistletoe-themed circlet rather than a Santa hat.

And then there’s the question of if I make the normal Planet’s Burden, or a Christmas-themed 2h staff…


Just like with my aspirations for Halloween… this is contingent on the DMV and its not being made of stupid, so I can go scout stores for materials. I am, surprisingly, more adept with a sewing machine than I realize, though with material like velvet and faux fur, I’d probably have to stitch that stuff together by hand because it is freaking thick.

Why yes, I AM far too easily inspired. :P

For now, I should probably color this snowscheme.

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