I should not be this amused. XD;

[info]obama_daily and [info]biden_daily. Why do I find the idea of presidential fangirls to be so very amusing? XD And by “fangirls” I mean “they like these guys because they’re hot rather than for anything to do with politics.”

Though… I can’t say I blame them; this is the first time in awhile where our president ISN’T a wrinkly old guy… (but to be fair, even G.I. Joe’s nice to look at too. *high-fives [info]lady_of_entropy*)

And also this isn’t exactly new, for presidents and politicians to be favored for sex appeal… believe it or not, waaaay back when (as in, colonial and such), there were indeed some presidents that were considered sexy. Of course, what was considered sexy then is completely different from what’s considered sexy now, but you get the idea.

If the *chans have anything to say about this, well… need I say more? :P

This is, of course, putting aside all of those “Sarah Palin is a MILF/GILF/VPILF” comments during the campaign… :P

So, um, yeah. Perhaps it’s time to find food and finish coloring this Gourmet Ramen piece…

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