Probing for Ramen fuel

Halloween and Election Day (which for all intents and purposes, I consider a “holiday” in the context of Instant Ramen) are over, and unless I am given compelling reason enough to do otherwise, I’m skipping doing a Thanksgiving piece for Instant Ramen Sketchbook, because all I seem to come up with are variations on the kitchen getting blown up. While that’s funny, I think I can accomplish more if I skip Thanksgiving and start up the Snowscheme (e.g. Christmas) series earlier.

Yeah, yeah, “encroachment of Christmas” and such. But if prior years are any indication, Snowschemes are better quality-wise and are often funnier.

For the uninitiated… no, I’ve no bloody freaking idea why these are called Snowschemes, it’s just a name that happened and STUCK. Well, maybe it’s because the first ones were often in a wallpaper-friendly size, but that doesn’t always apply. They’re scribbles of the Ragnarok TWILIGHT cast engaging in holiday tomfoolery (technically the scenes have nothing to do with the story, but because of the characters involved, the pics would be presumed to take place after Episode 2 unless otherwise specified).

Across splits into two “factions” of sorts for these pics: the Santa Squad and the Reindeer Brigade, and as such, they tend to dress the part… sort of. And by that I mean they wear a Christmas-themed mod of either their normal or ultimate gear; for instance, Hikaru red velvet Maximillian (though given its use of Shape Memory Alloy, it’s possible that the armor could morph into a “Mistletoe Configuration”). For some bizarre reason, all the Snipers and Bards got filed into the Reindeer Brigade, though I’m pretty sure that was all Chelsea’s fault, especially her decision to make Numair be the Brigade’s Rudolph and wear that goofy red nose!

(Note to self: maybe [info]seraphzero and I should put a full Snowscheme entry on Across Universe, given the half-baked-yet-not-quite-a-subplot we’ve cooked up for this over the years…)

Snowschemes started up in… 2004, I think, same year I got my first tablet and pretty much dominated Instant Ramen Sketchbook throughout the holiday season. I’ve averaged about 4-5 pieces a year and started working on them right after Thanksgiving, but this year they’ll be started earlier… as in… right now.

I am now opening the floor to requests/demands/whatever. Reply here, or if you have posting access to Across Universe, head over to the Instant Ramen request thread there. Off the bat, the first two in the queue (which I can pick and choose at my discretion):

– MOAR LIGHTS (mentioning “Velan” and “castle lights display” always gives Hikaru a panic attack because the latter thinks Velan’s going to blow up the castle by going overboard. Usually Velan does the light display solo, but what happens if, in order to pull off an even more elaborate display, he recruits Haruko and Duxx, to name a couple, to plan and set up?)

– Cookie Double Tech (Old Lady Kit enters the brawl! And, well, she’s always struck me as being a Mrs. Claus. Of course, she and Chelsea find out the hard way that decorating cookies leads to red-nosed Snipers trying to swipe some early…)

Soooo, yeah. Have at! Or something. o.o

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