(WIP) Wrong on so many levels XD

Man, the last time I drew politicians was, like… 8 years ago? And that was Gore slugging Bush in the boxing ring.

That said…

Super Smash Senators Brawl

Split panel, obviously… may do a third (in the lower left corner, under Biden) of all four of them on their curved couches in front of a giant-ass TV.

Because, you know, this NEEDS to happen on Election Night. XD Get both tickets, put ’em on stage and broadcast them slugging it out in Brawl, LIVE. (Well, I suppose turning them loose in Mario Kart would work, too. But I think Brawl would be funnier.)

Let me back up a bit… I was originally going to scribble all four of them as if they were characters IN Smash Bros., but no matter how many times I hacked at the wireframing, it just looked really goofy. So, the fallback plan was to draw everyone PLAYING brawl… which, naturally, meant figuring out what controller type they would use, and everything that goes with it. Obama and McCain get Wiimotes+nunchuks (and the latter just seems so clueless about how to operate it), Biden gets a Classic Controller and looks all amused with himself, and Palin with her GameCube controller just looks like she’s having a blast, no matter what the outcome.

Oh hi, 4am. Maybe I should think about sleeping now. But, holy crap, this ramen is going to be several thousand kinds of hilarity. XD I hope I can finish this before Tuesday!

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